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Two tricks to saving big on beauty

A big Tightwad welcome for Donna, who brings us some budget beauty tips.
For many women, makeup is just one of those things that we're willing to splurge on. However, we often spend more on makeup than we really need to. Though department stores and cosmetic isles don't want us to know it, makeup doesn't have to cost us a fortune. These two tips will help you save big on beauty.
One of the first tips to saving money on your makeup is using less. Try mixing your foundation with a dab of lotion. Put about half the amount of foundation that you'd normally use on your finger. Before applying it to your face, add a pea size amount of face lotion to it and mix them together. This can be great for your skin and save you a bunch of money. By using only half the amount you normally do each day you can save money and foundation.
Another great way to save money on makeup is by getting a little creative. Eyeliner can be one of the more expensive products we buy. Try buying an angled brush from your local drugstore and a powder eye shadow. Wet the tip of the brush and then apply the powdered eye shadow to the wet brush and use this as eyeliner. Not only is this easier to apply (in my opinion) than liquid or pencil eyeliner, it is immensely cheaper. The powder eye shadow lasts much longer than liquid or pencil eyeliner does and is much cheaper.
Author Bio: Donna Reish, a freelancer who blogs about best universities, contributed this guest post. She loves to write education, career, frugal living, finance, health and parenting-relating articles. She can be reached via email at:


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