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Stretching what you already have

Frugality is all about getting the most from whatever you own or buy. If you’re going to take a loan, for instance, you might look for a free cash advance to get a little extra cash for free. When it comes to things you already own, you can extend the life of your things by follow some simple maintenance tips. For things you are about to buy, think about ways to cut portions or estimate the life of a purchase to see what the actual cost might be over time.
Clothing is an item that people buy on a seasonal basis; however that can get very expensive. Instead of following each fashion trend, you can opt for a classic look that never goes out of style. You can also get more wear out of clothing when you choose to line dry it instead of putting it in the dryer. Good clothes can last for years. Think about this the next time you have a choice to buy a fabric coat or a leather coat. Even though the leather coat may be initially more expensive, with proper care it will wear much longer than the fabric coat.
Meals are a big item in your household budget and they are the easiest to stretch. You can get a whole chicken and have one roast chicken one day, chicken salad from leftovers another day, and cook the carcass to make stock for soup. Drinks can be watered down with filtered water for a lighter and healthier taste, saving money and calories. Grow a garden and stretch your food budget even further with home-grown veggies.
By using your cars less and maintaining them more, you can pay off a car loan and keep driving it for years afterwards. This not only extends the life of your car, but saves tons of money on insurance and car payments over many years afterwards.


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