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Have a gorgeous garden for less

It's possible! You can fill your garden with beautiful plants without spending a very much - and sometimes nothing at all. Here are some Tightwad tips to get you started:

Keep your eyes open for construction sites. One visit to the site or a quick call to the construction company could net you mature shrubs and perennials that were not going to be saved in the development process. Road expansion projects and home renovations can be just as good for sourcing free stuff.

Curb shop With the onset of spring, gardeners get busy dividing and thinning out their perennials. And what are they gonna do with the surplus? A true gardener will either put it on the curb for someone with good timing or put it online on sites like Freecycle or Craigslist under "free".

Grow Plants from cuttings Using a bottle of rooting hormone, discover how easy it is to grow your own plants from cuttings.

Host a plant or seed swap Put a notice in your local paper, and see how many local greenthumbs take notice! People always want to diversify their plant collection. It's more fun than trading stickers when you were in grade five.

Divide existing plants They are too crowded and need more space to grow and flourish.

What are your tips to having a beautiful (and affordable!) garden?


Little House said...

These are great tips. I didn't think about asking people renovating a lawn if they'd give away or sell at a low cost their shrubs and plants they are changing out or dividing.

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