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Getting the win on group buying sites

A big Tightwad welcome to Jennifer, who brings us some great tips on how to score big on bulk purchasing.
Scoring big discounts used to be relegated to individuals who spent time browsing the Sunday paper with scissors in hand. With the introduction of group buying sites, online masses are chipping in to grab steep discounts on everything from haircuts to skydiving. (Tightwad note: the sky's the limit). While there are plenty of products and services to win big on, there are also many group buying sites to navigate. Here is a collection of the best ones that will let you walk away a winner.
Parents Deals Launched with money-savvy parents in mind, Parents Deals offers attractive discounts for family products and services. While moms and dads can get discounted certificates for retail chains at Parents Deals, the majority of bargains are local. If parents want more, they can punch in nearby zip codes for additional deals, load up the minivan and go on a discounted shopping trip.
Tippr Consumers like to have choices, and that's what they get with this group buying site. Instead of a single deal offered by most sites, it lets users choose between three different products or services. If buyers want to win the biggest savings, they tell their friends because the discount increases as more people that sign up for the deal.
Living Social The best discount a buyer can receive is 100%, which is easily possible with Living Social. Shoppers who convince three friends to purchase the daily Living Social deal get theirs for free. We can all agree, that's the best price possible.
8coupons With 8coupons, savvy spenders can win on just about anything because the site features nearly 400 deals from more than 70 group buying sites.
BuyWithMe The most effective way to use BuyWithMe is to browse your interests. That's because this site offers multiple deals daily, so you can always find something that interests you. The offers are some of the most diverse on the Web.
Woot Unlike other deal-a-day companies, Woot operates a few different sites, each with different thematic offerings. Woot hosts a deal site for wine, shirts and kids. A new daily deal is posted on each site that is related to its specific topic. For instance, Woot's wine site will offer deals on featured bottles, as well as bottle openers.
We Give to Get Technically this is not a group buying site, but buyers can help those in need win through We Give to Get, which donates 10% of purchased coupons to the ActOfGood charity.
Shoppers love discounts, but it's not only the deals offered by group buying sites that are appealing. The buying process is extremely fast and simple because buyers can punch in numbers for a credit card, debit card or prepaid card (which is probably the most secure method out of all three) and just print out their savings; no scissors required.
Now that you can put down the coupon book, where do you get your deals?


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