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Getting paid what you deserve

A unique phenomenon is surfacing along with market recovery, and it's one that could cost you some dough. Instead of accepting a lower salary in order to be working, the truth is that you can get the job and still get want you want in terms of renumeration. Here are some tips:

Don't offer salary requirements upfront. Write "Open" in that spot on the application. You may be pigeonholing yourself into a pay grade that isn't high enough if you respond to this question. If asked about your salary history, consider writing “Willing to discuss at appropriate time during interview process” and park it there. Get that interview and hold onto some negotiation power.

Don’t Negotiate Salary. Negotiate when you’ll provide your salary requirements. You won’t provide what you’ll require in terms of salary until you have an understanding of the job and potential for future advancement. When you know this info, highlight areas of the job that will directly impact the company’s bottom line so they can see the value that you bring to the table.

Network network network. If you keep networking and scoping out job options, it may provide you with valuable information about the position you’ve been offered and the salary that comes along with it. It may also be a safety net in case something goes sideways before you accept an offer.

Accepting the offer. Ask for a clarification, such as whether there is flexibility in the original offer. If so, options may include an extra week of paid vacation, a signing bonus or other non-salaried perks.


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