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Find ways to save: car insurance

A big Tightwad welcome to Monique Rowe, who is a guest writer for Franklin Debt Relief. Today Monique brings us some savings tips when it comes to purchasing car insurance.

Everything is expensive these days it is no wonder so many North Americans are in need of credit card debt help. You are one of the lucky ones if you have avoided the negative impacts of debt. There are so many great ways to save money, including on car insurance. It can be expensive, but with a little know-how your can save a bunch on your bill.
See if your qualify for discounts. Such discounts include ones for safe drivers, good students, military and retirement discounts - to just name a few. Directly ask your insurance company what discounts they offer, as they probably will not be forth coming with this information on their own.
Bundle your insurance. By using one company for your car and home insurance you are sure to save some cash. Get even more for your money if you go with the same company for motorcycle and boat or other recreational vehicle insurance as well.
Shop around. If you go with the first company you speak with when it comes to car insurance then you are most likely going to pay to much (Tightwad note: it's Murphy's Law!). By shopping around and taking a look at each company individually then you will insure the best rate. A few companies will compare rates for you, but be sure they are comparing the rates of companies you are considering.
Finally, buy the right vehicle. Some vehicles such as trucks, convertibles and SUVs cost more to insure. So, before you buy your next car do your homework to ensure that not only can you afford the payments on the vehicle, but also the monthly insurance bills.


Mary Wills said...

This is really a good idea…and this really helps to save money on insurance…and it also provides discount on policies too…and one of the best insurance is the ‘pay as you go car insurance’ where it not only records the speed and the distance traveled but also helps you find your stolen vehicle…

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