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Cheap ways to commute

With spring in the air (and the rising price of gas), you may be considering other ways to get around besides cruising in your car.

Public transportation With some planning, taking the bus isn’t that bad – especially when you pass the gas station and realize you aren’t there, spending money on gas. Plus it gives you a chance to catch up on your reading and touch up your impeccable makeup.

Bicycle Winter conditions often make cycling next to impossible. With the change in weather and infrastructure such as bike lanes, bike lockers and bike racks on buses and trains, it’s easier than ever to get on the road.

Car pool Once you can coordinate your schedule with your fellow car poolers, you’ll have access to those oh so handy HOV lanes, and time to retouch your hair.

Walk Well, duh. This is a no-brainer. Get some exercise and crank on your iPod.

Scooters Pretend you are a sassy Italian zipping around your local piazza on the way for a cappuccino and brioche. Mama mia.

Segways Segways don’t have the sex appeal of scooter (Tightwad note: that’s an understatement) but they are great for getting around and easy to park.

Shop online Surfing the web for everything from groceries to clothes and auto parts allows you to cruise your favourite shops without wasting gas. With the increase in free shipping offers from many retailers, this approach is even more appealing.

Telecommute Working just one or two days a week from home will cut your gas bill by roughly a fourth or fifth - not so shabby a savings! Biz meetings can be held in a virtual format using web conferencing tools. Just make sure you change out of your pyjamas.


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