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8 steps to save 4K a year

Welcome Kevin, who sent tips to help us save our dough. Kevin is a co-founder of, an online financial tool that makes getting out of debt worry and stress free. This tool will allow you to track and manage your finances all in one place.
Getting out of debt is of importance to everyone, but many fail to realize that the ultimate goal is to stay that way! Did you know that the favourite customers for credit card companies are people who just filed for bankruptcy? These consumers don't reform their spending habits. They feel like they have a fresh new start and can learn to use credit more responsibility. The truth of the matter is that no matter how much money you make, learning how to cut unnecessary expenses as key in remaining debt free. Exercise these money saving skills below to see how you can save over $4,000/year!
1. DIY car washes: Car washes cost about an average of $15. If you get your car washed once a month, you’re looking at $180/year!
2. Add more time between haircuts: I know we all want to look sharp, but I’m sure you can go one week without getting a cut. If you get your haircut every 2 weeks, make it a habit to go every 3 weeks. Instead of going 26x a year, you’ll go 17x a year. Savings: $180/year!
3. Kiss Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks adieu: one pound of store bought coffee makes about 240 cups. It will cost you about $8. If you drink coffee 5x/week and always go to a coffee chain, you’re spending atleast $10/week which is $520/year. Savings: $480/year!
4. Combine your family’s cell phone plans. You can expect to see at least a $30 savings per month with most carriers. Savings: $360/year!
5. Brown bag it. Every time you go out to eat lunch you’re bound to spend at least $7.00. In the course of a year, that will cost you over $1,800! Making a sandwich from home will cost you about $1.50/day. Savings: $1,445/year!
6. No more premium cable channels. Premium cables (HBO, Showtime, etc) costs you over $35/month. You can sign up for Netflix and rent movies online for about $15/month. Total Savings: $240/year.
7. Re-acquaint yourself with your piggy bank. Buy yourself a piggy bank and start using it! The average household can save about $20/month in change! Total Savings: $240/mont
8. Say goodbye to bad habits. If we assume that a pack of cigarettes costs an average of $6/pack, and a typical smoker smokes a pack every two days, they are spending $1,100 a year just on cigarettes! So quit smoking - it stinks anyway! Total Savings: $1,100/year! Take yourself on a sweet vacation instead!


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