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Five ways to save: childcare

Tightwad knows it's hard to believe, but there are really some affordable childcare alternatives, especially for part-time care. Here are some ideas:

Sharecare: Coordinating sitter hours with another mom will give you a better rate - the cost is higher but you'll be splitting it with another family.

Babysitter exchange: If you need some solo time or just run some errands, swapping babysitting hours with another mom is an ideal solution for occassional childcare requirements.

Not for profit: Drop-in programs offered through YMCAs or your local church can provide perfect alternatives on the days that schools are closed.

School-sponsored childcare: You may be eligible for discounted daycare (often on-site) if you currently attend school.

Close friends and relatives: Offer to pay those close to you for their time, especially if they are offering it on a regular basis.


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