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Primo money wasters

Try as she might to understand, Tightwad thinks that these items are just plain wasteful - on every level:

Fabric softener. A dryer sheet (good for a couple of loads) will do the trick instead.
Liquid plumber type products. Have never, ever worked for Tightwad. Hot water, vinegar and baking soda does the trick.
Garbage bags. They give you plastic bags at the grocery store. Why buy them?
Premium gas. Unless you are driving a Maserati (and therefore, presumably, can afford it), why bother with more expensive gas? It doesn't increase your gas mileage or make your engine last longer.
Bottled water. 'Nuf said.
Paper towels: This item in particularly bugs Tightwad. So much so she can't say anymore about it.

What do you think wastes your grocery budget?


pamlovesbooks said...

Ouch. I use grocery bags as trash bags and doggie poop bags, but i still need the oversize trash bags!! I tried to convince the fam to eschew papertowels in an effort to be green, but they werent buying it.

What wastes my grocery budget? Throwing away leftovers. No one but me eats them. And after a few days, im sick of them too.

Sir Thrift-A-Lot said...

I agree with the fabric softener & liquid plumber. I know nothing about gas, except the potential ban on it in public places in Malawi.

We are charged 5cents per plastic bag in our city. It is required by law.

Also, I will not drink tap water. My old building had lead in the water. I buy 4L for 99cents.

Anonymous said...

Sir Thrift A Lot and I are in the same city and yes, we pay 5 cents for grocery bags. But that's cheap compared to buying garbage bags so I buy a couple more than I need and use 'em for kitty poop and garbage!

Wasters that I never buy: fabric softener; paper towels; foil (my beau bought me some when he visited; must think me a cheapie!); Ziploc bags (somehow I always end up with a few in my drawer and I simply wash and reuse); Saran wrap, and most cleaners (hello vinegar). The good foil and wrap are $$$ and the cheap stuff sucks. Not buying it at all forces me to use reusable containers etc. Instead of using paper towels, I use rags. Being cheap means I (hopefully) produce less waste!

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