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As we all know, Craigslist is fantastic for finding just about anything online. But have you ever looked down the left-hand side of the homepage? There is stuff listed about Craiglist such as what is Craiglist, and links to its blog, but there is also a little item entitled "best-of-Craigslist". If you want some funny and original reading material, Tightwad thinks it's worth a visit.


Thrift Boss said...

The only thing funnier about craigslist is when Nigerian Mafia tries to scam you.

I sold over 250 household items on Craigslist. We were moving from the west coast way way back east and I couldn't justify shipping everything- buying new "stuff" was just plain cheaper.

So, I was on craiglist 24/7 for around 2 months. You can tell if you're dealing with a scammer two ways: their English and their offer.

They'll usually start the email with something like "Dear Respectable" hmmm....

As for their offer: it's always wildly high or low and they always have some reason to not be able to meet with you. They're in London England on business, so they're going to pay to have the item (maybe a car) shipped....every time the same deal.

It's funny, unless you fall for it and that must be very embarrassing and unpleasant.

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