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Alternative uses for toothpicks

Those little wooden sticks sitting in your kitchen have lots of other uses besides, well, picking teeth. Here are some ideas that Tightwad has rounded up:
Miniture paint stirrers. If you need stir a small container of paint, toothpicks are the perfect size.
Reset buttons on electronics. The holes you need to reach into to reset a clock or video game are just the right size for toothpicks.
Apply dabs of glue. This is handy for itsy little things such as toys.
Accessories for a doll house. Need a tiny curtain rod? Perfect.
Clean out phone receiver holes. If you are still using an old school phone receivers, how else do you get it clean?
Write on cake frosting. Use a toothpick to etch out your message, and then go over it with frosting when you like what you see.
Sew a better button. Using a toothpick as a spacing between the garment and the button with help it to not go on too tightly and difficult to fasten.
Find the end of a roll. Wrap the end of a roll of tape around a toothpick to make it easy finding it next time.


KerrieLynn, The Mix Gal said...

One of the best uses I found for toothpicks is using them as miniature shims. I have had old cabinets hinges and door hinges come loose and nothing would work including putting glue in the hole first. I read somewhere to break apart toothpicks and stuff in the hole and then screw in your screw ~ worked like a charm. You've got some great tips here too!
~KerrieLynn ღೋ☙❤

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