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Tightwad quick tip: cleaning your keyboard

Got a sticky "A" and a stuck "S"? When blowing and hoping stop working, try de-gunking your keyboard by sliding tape between the rows of your keyboard. Let the adhesive side remove dust, crumbs and whatever else lurks under the "Y".


LisaDay said...

Fantastic. I will try it.


Vanessa said...

Excellent idea! I turn my keyboard upside down and tap it to get out the crumbs. Try it if you dare, you may be quite disgusted by the findings.

Yep, I'm one of them gross people that eats at the desk all the time. This post reminds me to push the keyboard far away before eating.

The One Income Dollar said...

I do the same- turn my keyboard upside down and tap it a few times and all that "stuff" comes out.

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