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So you're a Starbucks junkie?

Thanks to Little House in the Valley for this inspired idea! She loads up a pre-paid Starbucks card to stay within her java budget. Great idea! Give yourself say... $14 a week to spurge on coffee. How many trentas will that buy?


Ryan said...

Smart idea, I wonder if prebuying for most things in your budget would keep you on task rather than using say an envelope system. I'm sure starbucks isn't the biggest fan of the popular "latte effect" that's become a staple for personal finance bloggers and writers.

Angell said...

If you preload a Starbucks gift card and register it online, it keeps track of your purchases and you get benefits.

Hubby just got to the Gold level and we are waiting for his personal card in the mail. He gets a free drink on his birthday, free refills on tea and coffee (he works right next door so this helps a lot) and for those who pay extra for soymilk - you get it free

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