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How to make 2011 your year!

Here are a few Tightwad suggestions for how you can improve your fiscal balance this year. These are general rules, which will save bits and pieces here and there, but will add up in the long run.

1. Be organized: make lists so you don't suffer from buyer's remorse or impulse buys. Sticking to a list is the easist way to do this, or consider the 30 day rule.

2. Track your expenses: tracking expenses may give you the kick up the backside to curb your impulses when it comes to $5 lattes and your magazine subscriptions. You may be pleasantly surprised when you discover how much you could be saving.

3. Improve your credit card: call your company and ask them to lower the interest rate on your credit cards. Don't take no for an answer! Also in this category: try to pay more than the minimum balance each month. Every little bit adds up!

4. Pay with cash, only: with this mandate it's just a matter of time until you run out of cash, which means you'll have to stop shopping! What a concept! The up side to this: no interest rates, no late fees, and taking steps to financial piece of mind.

5. Set goals: make yourself more conscious of what you spend and make it a goal to save your hard earned cash for a rainy day - or something that you just gotta have.


pamlovesbooks said...

Ouch, no starbucks?

Little House said...

I made some very specific goals this year to curb my Starbucks habit with a pre-set card limit, pay certain things only in cash, and really crack down on my budget. So far, so good. Though it is only January still. ;)

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