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Bundle up

If you go with a carrier that provides “bundles” you can save on the economy of sale principle: simply combine internet, cable and telephone into one bundle and you will save every month.


Annie Jones said...

I think this is usually the case. We have our internet and cable bundled. We did have home phone included, which indeed brought the price for each service down, but we felt the landline phone was redundant to our cell phones, so we had it disconnected and removed from the bundle. We now pay a more EACH for the two services, but still less overall without the phone included.

I've been wanting to switch to just internet service, but I can't convince my husband to do so, we'll continue with bundling cable with it.

Anonymous said...

Hello! Visiting from Lady Blogger Tea are going to be my #1 blog!!! I love being a tightwad ;) I can't wait to read all your tips :) xoxo

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