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White elephant swap

If you want a fun evening and everyone have that feeling that you can't breathe because you are laughing so hard, try hosting a White Elephant gift exchange. White elephant gift exchanges are a great way to downsize tacky gifts without surreptitiously regifting it (let's face it; you wouldn't be kidding anyone anyway).

How to play:

- Bring a wrapped gift
- Put in pile with other wrapped gifts
- Everyone pull numbers. Number 4 goes fourth. Number 1 goes first. The last person is the luckiest, but we'll get to that.
- Number one chooses a wrapped gift. Unwraps gift. Looks up, dismayed, or perhaps hysterical with their choice.
- Number two can either choose an unwrapped gift, or, coveting number one's gift, take that. Number one gets to choose another gift.
- You can not steal back the gift that was stolen from you, or not. Hostess decides.
- Number three can choose a unwrapped gift from the pile, or number two or number one's gift. See why being the last is the best option?

Now where did Tightwad put that macrame hanging plant thingy?


Lisa said...

I love playing this at Christmas! Always a hoot!

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