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Frugal New Year resolutions: part 3

Part three of Tightwad's resolutions... make your own yogurt. Why not? It's practically hip to make your own yogurt. ALL your European sistas make their own yogurt. Seriously. Tightwad was staying at a pal's in Berlin and we were just about to say goodnight, and she told me she had to whip up a batch of yogurt for breakfast. Seriously. So, this bears examination. Like a breadmaker, yogurt makers will pay for itself in no time flat, and you can control how much fat and sugar you put in it. Here's a how-to.


Ruthie's Girl Designs said...

I'm reading the instructions intently! You just do not know how much yogurt we go through! We use it as our "milk and butter and sugar" for our old fashioned oatmeal in the morning. I'll actually get to add more than just the standard strawberry flavor (cause we buy it in the big tubs) with this recipie! Thanks so much!

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