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Avoiding the Christmas credit crunch

Here are some Tightwad tips for a more frugal holiday shopping experience:

Use the 1.5 % rule: don’t spend more than 1.5 percent of your total gross income on holiday-related expenses. If you’re in debt, consider spending less than 1%.

Pay cash: experience the pain of separating yourself from actual money. It's real, people!

Stick to a list: having a list will help you stay on task, which will not only save you money but also time. And, a list narrows your options.

Shop online: this will help you avoid impulse purchases and busting your holiday budget. Don't let the carefully concocted sights and sounds of the mall holiday shopping orgy seduce you into impulse buys! Sit down at the computer for a rigid goal-oriented session of online shopping.
What do you do to not overspend at during the holidays?


Red Nomad OZ said...

Use up ALL your Xmas dinner food leftovers - you've already paid for it, so every extra meal you get out of it is really a 'freebie'!!

Merry Xmas!

PS Of course don't use it if it's going to go off ...

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