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Lather up - it's cold and flu season

If you remember to wash your hands thoroughly throughout the day, you'll improve the chances that you will be able to keep yourself from acquiring all kinds of viruses and bacteria that you would otherwise pick up during cold and flu season. If you don't get sick, you won't feel terrible, burn through your sick days at work, lose productivity, make anyone else sick, have to see the doctor or pay for medicine. It's a no brainer, right? For other tips during cold and flu season, click here.


FB @ said...

Agreed. Not touching your face often, washing your hands.. all flu-beating strategies.

Little House said...

Oh, if only I had followed this advice earlier in the season, I wouldn't be struggling with bronchitis now! The trouble is it's hard to wash your hands every few minutes, especially when you work with germ-y kids!

Forehead Thermometer said...

Washing your hands often seems to be even more important now that it is flu season. It would be great to be able to avoid a nasty flu this season.

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