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Five ways to save: part two

5. Do less expensive activities with friends: Behold the power of suggestion! Be the first to suggest an idea and steer the group towards cheaper entertainment. Who knows, maybe it will get competitive with everyone trying to outdo one another!
4. Don’t speed: Inefficient in terms of gasoline usage, speeding can also cost you a bundle if you get pulled over. Stay in the slow lane and off the radar. Obvious safety benefits, too.
3. Read more: One of the cheapest – and most beneficial – hobbies around, with a library card reading is a free and fun way to spend dark, cold winter nights. Start a book club with your gal pals - hey, another cheap entertainment idea!
2. Check out your local community centre and parks system: Most communities have trails, tennis courts and baseball diamonds - FREE!
1. Put air up your tires: Every two PSI that your tires are below the recommended level means a loss of 1% on gas mileage. Read your car’s manual to see what the recommended tire pressure is, then head to the gas station. It's like getting free gas!


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