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Five ways to save: part three

5. Plan for leftovers: This provides for the next day lunch or dinner ideas. Don't be scared, just reformulate! Put meat in a pasta, or make a delicious omelette with last night's dinner.
4. Create a clothing inventory: Go through your clothes – all of them. You may have several pairs of jeans that you forgot about, not to mention whatever else is lurking in the back of your closet. With some sorting, purging and organizing you may feel as though you've been shopping your wardrobe will feel that much different.
3. Brown bag it: Even if you use the excuse to get lunch to get out of the office, just bring a lunch and eat it away from your computer. Your lunch will be healthier and cheaper. Just remember lots of little snacks so you don't lose focus!
2. Be a minimalist: Buy clothes that mix well - if you have five pants, seven shirts and a few skirts that work together, you'll have almost endless wardrobe combinations.
1. Get handy: Give something a fair shot at repairing it youself before replacing it or calling in an expert. Find the manual or garner advice from the Internet and see what transpires. You may surprise yourself!


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