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Five ways to save - part one

There are so many ways to save your hard earned money - everyday! This is the first in a series to help you save. Just like the old saying - take care of the pennies and the pounds take care of themselves - with a few little cut backs here and there, soon you'll be able to save for fun things like luxury mini-breaks and shoes!

5. Coupons: Save your coupon flyer out of your paper and cut out anything that might be of interest. For grad level coupon use, compare a couple with your grocery store flyer to find out ways you can use a coupon to reduce the cost of an item already on sale – the results could be pleasantly surprising!
4. Air seal your home: Air leaks make the job of keeping your house cool in summer and warm in winter much harder – and much more costly.
3. Make your own beer or wine: You can make beer or wine at home and it doesn’t take that long once you have the basic ingredients. Even better, it’s a fun activity to do with friends – you buy the equipment, they bring the juice and you both get a few bottles of homemade wine out of the deal. Worst case scenario - sangrias!
2. Put your electrical devices on a surge protector: A power surge can easily damage electronics so investing in a basic surge protector will keep your equipment safe.
1. DIY: Forget the commercial brand names! Making your own cleaning solutions and laundry detergent is cheaper and greener! Click here for ideas.

What are little ways you cut back to save costs?


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