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Corks piling up?

Have a few corks lying around or is Tightwad the only one with this problem? Here are some ideas for how to reuse them:

Boat float: Attach a cork to your keys for all of those times you go in a yacht...

Customized stamp: If you are feeling really artsy you could create stamps at the end of a cork by some crafty carving and an ink pad.

Trivet/hot pad: Glue corks together for a fun trivet, also works for creating a bulletin board.

Planter filler: Use corks to fill out big planters; make the planter lighter and save on soil. They also help with drainage.

Protect yourself: Cover the ends of sharp tools with corks.

Protect your floors: Place between chairs and tables and the floor to protect your finish; slice crossways to get circles.

Place cards: Use these babes as a way to hold place cards at your next dinner party.

Rudolphs: Get all crafty and make Rudolph Christmas tree decorations with some red piping and nylon string.


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