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Ways to save: your wardrobe - part two

Buy out of season Buy items of clothing once the season is over to take advantage of end of season sales. Stock up on bathing suits and summer clothes at the beginning of autumn when the stores are trying to make way for new stock. Putting in the effort will result in significant savings so search out the right size and be careful not to buy something that will be obviously 'so last year' next summer.
Haggle You can save when you shop for clothes simply by asking. Many retailers and businesses are still feeling the effects of the economic downturn and so your favourite clothing store may be desperate to make a sale at YOUR cost. There are several ways you can haggle when clothes shopping for the best results:
- Start by asking for a discount for cash as this is quite a standard request for many stores. When the retailer doesn’t have to process your credit card transaction, they save on merchant fees and therefore make a higher percentage from the sale, as a result, they have more room to offer you a discount.
- Price matching is another common way to secure a discount because if the store has you there, ready to buy, they’d rather you buy with them than with their competitor. At the same time remember you will need to be able to prove that an identical item is on sale at another store, or that another retailer is willing to offer you a discount. Once you have confirmed the competitor’s price and the item, you can even ask for a price match, plus an additional discount for choosing that store.
- Choose a quiet time of the day to negotiate the price of your clothing purchases, and make sure you are speaking with a manager or owner – someone who has the authority to make the discount for you. It is easier to haggle with a boutique, rather than a department store which will have strict pricing and discount limits. It is also much easier to haggle at markets.
- If you can’t get a discount, look for a way to get added value from your purchase. Ask if the retailer can throw in a few other items such as a scarf and earrings with the purchase of a jacket and you can easily update your look and make savings on your wardrobe.
Swap and share Most of us tire of our clothing before it is worn out, something you will have noticed as you thriftily save on your wardrobe by visiting op shops. Why not start a swap system with your friends or family when your clothes don’t fit or you’re tired of them - you can shop your friends’ discarded items, and they yours. If your friends and family have children in the same age group as yours, you can also take advantage of hand me down items. Don’t discard shopping your parents’ closet either because with old styles back in your could find some authentic vintage items. There are also a number of online swap sites and you can find one in your area, or simply use the newspaper classifieds. You and your friends may even want to buy clothes as a group and rotate them, so that each person invests only a fraction of the price, but gets the use of the item when they want, or on a roster basis.


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