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Ways to save: your wardrobe - part one

Everyone knows that when you look good, you feel good – it’s just human nature. So it is only natural that you want to update your wardrobe with the latest looks, and have your family looking smart 'n' stylish. Of course clothing yourself and your family is a necessity as well so it is important that you can afford to replace clothes when the kiddos outgrow them (which they seem to do at an alarming rate) and ensure everyone has something nice to wear for special occasions without breaking the budget. Unfortunately it is easier than ever to have a budget blowout when shopping for clothes because you want the latest trends and your children want the same brands their friends are wearing - but prices are only going up. That is why you need these tips to help you save when it comes time to update and maintain your family’s wardrobe.
Avoid department stores at all costs Paying retail price at a department store is one of the most expensive ways to shop for anything and clothes are no exception. Look for recycled clothing options such as op shops – one person’s wardrobe cleanout could be your wardrobe makeover. Also try and shop at discount stores which often have the same staple clothing items, but at a fraction of the price. If you’re lucky enough to have easy access to a factory outlet shopping strip then you may be able to pick up those brand name clothes, new, for a bargain because the line has been discontinued or they have a minor imperfection. You don’t even need to leave the house to shop for recycled clothing, just take a look in your wardrobe. Instead of shelling out for another pair of pants for your son because he’s worn through the knees again, sew or iron on knee patches and get more wear out of the same pair. It is also much cheaper to resole a pair of shoes which have been worn down than to buy new. Even that piece of clothing with a stubborn stain can be transformed into a new wardrobe essential with some clothes dye or restructuring it - make it a short sleeved blouse or shorts instead of pants.
Online bargains We all know that most things are cheaper when you buy online so surfing for your clothing not only saves you time, gas and money, often retailers offer great discounts. If you’re looking for even cheaper options, sites such as eBay sell a range of clothing items, often in new or gently used condition, and offer a great deal on price. When buying online just make sure you check the postage costs aren’t going to outweigh your savings, and that the store has a flexible returns policy if the items doesn’t fit you or your expectations from the image on screen.
Private sales There are also plenty of ways to avoid the stores all together and shop privately within your community. Often garage sales are a way for your neighbours to clear out their closets and with the main aim of a garage sale being to downsize, many sellers will bundle clothing items for low prices to clear them. Similarly, community fetes and swap meets may be raising funds for the community or a cause, but they are also a great way to find opportunities to recycle someone else’s unwanted clothing into a new item for yourself or your family.
See us back at Tightwad tomorrow for part two of this helpful guest post!


Cheryl said...

Hey nice to see an Aussie guest post. I've been Op shopping for a while now and wonder why I spent the money on new things. Good post. Thanks Tightwad for sharing it.

Alban said...

Hi Cheryl,

Thanks for your feedback! I agree Op Shopping is one of the best thing ever! You can get brands at a bargain and it is good for the environment!

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