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Tightwad top ten: stuff to do with coffee grounds

Admit it, we've all got them! (except you tea drinkers out there of course). What do you do with your coffee grounds? Surely there must be something else we can do with them besides compost or simply throw away. Tightwad typically chucks hers in the garden. After some careful, caffeinated research, however; it does appear that there are more things to do with the stuff than opening the door and tossing 'em. Live a little greener!
10. Keep drains smelling fresh: once a week, boil about 5 cups of water, put your grounds in the sink, and flush with the water;
9. Use as a cleaner: coffee grounds are both abrasive and acidic, giving them the edge on the cleaning front. Mix with water and scrub the offender with a firm brush (note: make sure that the surfaces are stain resistant);
8. Cat/pest repellent: mix coffee grounds with used orange peels and spread them around your garden... and stop the feline toilet in its tracks! (also good for ants);
7. Fertilizer: carrots and radishes love coffee grounds; mix soil with the grounds and increase your carrot and radish size and quantity;
6. Odor eater: dry grounds on cookie tray, put in pantyhose and tie off, and place in a closet or area that needs refreshing, or put in a yogurt container with holes in the top and place in your fridge or freezer;
5. Shine booster: coffee grounds can help enhance colour of brunette or black hair, and, add shine. Side note: by rubbing the grounds in your scalp, you can reduce dandruff!
4. For dawggies: use for Fido's shampoos... coffee grounds can act as a flea repellent;
3. Get baking: add a richer flavour to brownies and chocolate cakes;
2. Exfoliate: pat on skin, massage and rinse.
1. Fat buster: vigorously rub coffee grounds on cellulite spots - coffee is a stimulant and breaks down fat deposts when rubbed on those areas.


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