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Tightwad top ten: stuff to do with old magazines

Sure in an ideal world we'd cancel our subscriptions and just get all of our info and publications online, but nothing beats a Saturday morning curled up on the couch with a hot tea and a great magazine. Whether from subscriptions, impulse buys at the check out stand, or as travel fodder, probably everyone's got a stack of mags sitting on a coffee table or taking up room at the back of a closet. The good news is, their use can be extended beyond just a great read. Here are some ideas:

10. Make nifty gift bows: see an amazing tutorial here on Tipnut.
9. Get crafty: make little baskets, scrapbooks, collages or decoupage, or a visioning board.
8. Use them for kiddos craft projects such as making snowflakes, origami, mosaics, anything! Click out this awesome site!
7. Donate them to a shelter, hospital or doctor's office, or to schools who would welcome them for art projects.
6. Shred them and use for packing material or lining for your bird cage.
5. Trade them with family and friends so everyone can get 'new' magazines. Plan a monthly swap!
4. Use them for customized, eco-friendly gift wrap, envelopes or other little projects such as wrapping can tins for pencil holders, etc.
3. Use the taller, thicker mags to roll up and use as boot trees.
2. Put under 'free' on Craig's List; if you aren't feeling crafty, chances are artists and other creative types are!
1. Do what the crazy, uber creative people at Re-Nest did, here (pictured above).


paisley penguin said...

Awesome ideas! I linked up from my blog post today. Have a great weekend!

pamlovesbooks said...

WOW! I finally found someone else who makes use of these darn things! Here's what i do with them:
I use them as lifts and levels when I'm "styling" stuff around the house. For example, on top of my kitchen cabinets is my collection of "kitchenania" (i just made that word up, btw) and sometimes my little roosters or whatever don't show up over the lip of the cabinet. 3 or 4 old mags and voila!

hope someone else can use this tip too!

Frugal Planner said...

That's a useful piece of info. Thanks for sharing.

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