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TIghtwad quick tip: white bread to the rescue

I know I may be alone on this one, but apart from French bread - which is, like, divine bien sur - Tightwad doesn't really see a place for white bread. It's doughy texture, beige-ness, bland consistency and uniformity are attributes that make her kind of shudder. Gimme seeds, nuts and whole grainy goodness everytime! However, white bread isn't without its uses. If you happen to have an old dusty oil painting just laying around that could use a little pick me up white bread is just the thing to have on hand! Dab it gently over the surface of the painting to pick up dirt and grime. Two other uses: to keep cookies with their fresh-out-of-the-oven texture stick a couple of pieces of white bread in the tin, and if you've tried to get scuff marks off the wall to no avail, give white bread a try (without the crusts so there is no colour transfer). It could just work!


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