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Five things that make you say 'huh': part five

More crazy home remedies for getting out stains with stuff you may have around the house. Some of these are helpful hints for 'ew' factor ailments:

5. Get stains out of clothes and crayon off the walls with the help of Colgate toothpaste;
4. Get rid of athletes foot with cornstarch;
3. Say goodbye to fungus on your nails with Vick's vapor rub (this has also been sworn by for getting rid of a cold - put on feet at night, throw on some socks, and wake up better the next day - what's in this stuff anyway?);
2. Stinky feet? Try jello; and,
1. Sooth insect bites with Preparation H. Prep H is also supposed to be good for eyebags and a few other things. Click here for more info!

Do you have any wild 'n' crazy household and beauty tips for unlikely products? Tell us! Share!


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