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Budget beauty: cucumber

Cucumber, that stuff you put on crustless sandwiches and eat with your pinky pointing in the air, may be better utilized as part of your beauty regime!

This miracle worker is one of the best home remedies when it comes to dealing with dreaded beauty woes such as dark, haggard looking eyes. Forget expensive eye creams, get on over to the farmer's market for the latest in the cucumber crops. The secret ingredients in this powerful veggie are antioxidants and silica, which help to lighten the dark circles and rejuvenate tired 'ol skin.

Cucumber packs a punch in terms of dealing with puffy eyes. Sure the late night before was fun, but the next day results can be a little off putting. Puffy eyes can also be the result of long hours staring at your computer, allergies and too much salt or stress. What's the secret? The ascorbic acid in slices of cucumber helps to decrease water retention and reduce the puffiness. Cucumber juice is also recognized as a good way to lighten, brighten and even tighten skin over time - the silica in cucumbers is the reason. The juice also helps soothe sunburns.

What can't this stuff do? Don't forget it on your grocery list!


Farah said...

Your post are always so useful and helpful for budget... I have puffy eyes and sure from today I try it... Thanks for sharing...

LisaDay said...

The witch in Emperor's New Groove (Disney) showed the benefit of this treatment. Sadly, it didn't make her less 'scary beyond belief.'


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