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Tightwad top ten: get creative with jewel cases

The CD case is an example of an industrial artifact that is quickly outliving its intended function. It's also non-biodegradable and is only recycled by specialized facilities. But, all is not lost! Grab a glue stick, double sided tape and your straight edge and get your creative on! Here is a round up of awesome ideas to inspire you and help declutter your most likely empty jewel case collection by repurposing it into something fun, useful and beautiful.

10. Use as a hard surfaced card; create a customized card to fit, decorate it and put a little message inside; the beauty of this is - when the recipient put it on their mantle or window sill, it will stand up nicely and there's room in it for a little gift, too.
9. Create a holder for pencils or paint brushes.
8. Use to show off a pressed flower, butterfly or coin collection, or create a display cube.
7. Make a baby mobile and put pictures of the family in it.
6. Create a dramatic chandelier.
5. Stash jewelry in one when travelling (clinched with an elastic band, of course). This could also work for small brushes, q-tips and makeup removal pads.
4. Assemble a funky birdhouse.
3. Prop a case open and slip your recipe card inside to protect it from kitchen splatters.
2. Make a mini greenhouse or terrarium, like this.
1. Make art!: This idea is so beautiful! One the site they also have the fab idea of doing a single letter of the alphabet in 26 cases, to hang in your child's room. Awesome idea! Along these lines you could use as picture frames and hang in grid on a feature wall, or create a large mural, like the awesome folks at photojojo (pictured above).


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