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Tightwad top ten: pennies - part one

A penny isn’t just for losing in your couch or as a dust collector on your already overcrowded bureau. Here are ten ideas to put it to work:

10. Curtain straightener: keep curtains hanging straight and level; make an opening in the bottom hem and slide one is as a counterweight. You can apply the same principle to weighting a kite tail.

9. Table anchor: shim your wobbly table with a penny – just stick a coin under the leg to restore balance.

8. Makeshift screwdriver: pennies are often the right width to screw open a toy’s battery pack.

7. Party icebreaker: hand out pennies at a party and ask guests to share a story about the year the penny was created. Improvisations encouraged!

6. Birdbath cleaner: ward off algae growth with a few pre-1982 (US) pennies. Their higher copper content will stunt growth.

5. Games piece: use as a replacement piece in games such as checkers and Monopoly.

4. Tile spacers when DIY your bathroom floor.

3. Get the win: scratch lottery tickets

2. Keep it up: add one to a vase of tulips to prevent drooping.

1. Change it up: increase the pH of the soil for hydrangeas and thereby change their colour.

What do you do with your pennies? Save them? Donate them? Always have exact change?


Annie Jones said...

We save them along with our other coins.

Team Chastain said...

Thanks for these cool tips! I really love the icebreaker at a party one! :)

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