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Tightwad top ten: pennies - part deux

Creative ways to put pennies to use: the sequel. Tightwad feels bad for the penny. Often left ignored, underutilized, undervalued and generally without much respect, the penny is a mighty force to be reckoned with in terms of charitable donations, magic tricks and making sure you can pay a tab with the exact right amount. Here are ten more uses for pennies:

10. Slip under a wobbly vase to steady it.
9. Teach your toddler to count (here Tightwad refers you to part one re: how to clean pennies).
8. Put over each doorway in your home for good luck.
7. Use to make crafts and jewelry.
6. Check your tire pressure.
5. Put in garden to repel slugs.
4. Use instead of washers.
3. Weigh down hems from dresses. Open up the hemline and drop a penny in.
2. Fill a sock with pennies for self-defense.
1. Give in exchange for sharp gifts so friendship isn’t severed.


Trisha Carter, Gone Green said...

0. Without it, the dollar will not be complete.

Dollar: You complete me.

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