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Slicing 'n' dicing: rethinking your egg slicer

For a quick and perfectly sliced mushroom, just rethink your egg slicer. Come on, it's lonely with just the egg to slice. It wants more to do! Set a mushroom on its side and slice away. This also works for mozzarella, bocconcini, and whatever else of the same consistancy you can think of. Turn the product on its side after the first slice, and voila, you've got a dice. Does Tightwad sound like an infomerical here, or what?


Anonymous said...

Don't forget strawberries! It's perfect for making strawberry garnishes. Perfectly sliced every time.

Oh, and avocado slices for sandwiches. Mmmmm!

Erin said...

Olives too! I hate slicing olives since they're always so greasy/slimy, but the egg slicer makes it easy!

Little House said...

I'm betting that an egg slicer would also be great for arts and crafts; think play dough crafting!

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