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September is the best time to buy: plants

In September you can save up to 50% on plants, particularly at independent garden centres. This is when they want to move their inventory of summer plants, shrubs and trees to create space for holiday merchandise. Also good to know: due to cooler weather, September is when plants start to expand their roots system so it's a good time to plant low maintenance perennials such as hostas, daisies and peonies.

Last year Tightwad brought home about $100 retail worth of perennnials for about, oh, $10, just because they were going to be thrown away at the local nursery. Don't let straggly brown leaves stop you from giving that little daylily some TLC, it will reward you as early as next year with fresh growth and fab flowers.


Leanne said...

Fantastic tip! I'll have to look into it!

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