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Lasagna - not

'Storing Ground Beef' doesn't sound too sexy as a title of a blog (and equally as un-sexy is a pic of ground meat), so Tightwad improvised with a lasagna teaser. Anyway, Tightwad recently had a warehouse type shopping experience and bought a huge portion of ground beef. Visions of lasagna, chili, Bolognese and cottage pie danced through her head, but how to freeze it? Boringly, she portioned it into several separate freezer bags and duly tossed them into the deep freeze. However, what Tightwad should have done was get a fill a larger freezer bag with all of the meat, seal it, press it flat and score the meat into equal portions with a chopstick or ruler. By freezing the bag flat it would be easy to break off enough of the meat for the oh-so-stunning as usual recipe du jour, and save using all of those other bags.


Unknown said...

I love the idea of scoring the meat and storing it in one container. I need to remember to do it.

Stopping from Mom Loop!

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