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Just mixed drinks, not mixed up

Window decals come in all sorts of pretty options; why not consider a new way to use them? One idea is to use them at a party for people to identify their drinks. Unique, pretty and removable, it’s a clear way to communicate that the glass over there on the table is holding YOUR gin and tonic. Let's be honest, really the only thing you want between you and your G + T is a pretty decal.


Leanne said...

Wow ... how smart! LOVE this idea!

Laura said...

Great idea for mixed drinks! I got rid of our matching wine glasses several years ago after guests were picking up the wrong glass at a party (and I don't care for wine glass charms), and replaced them with an assortment of different glasses that I picked up at thrift shops and sales. Guests seem to love the crazy assortment of glasses, and no one forgets which glass is theirs.

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