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Five ways to save: prolonging that beauty appointment

Even though they don't happen too often, Tightwad's trips to the hair salon can quickly add up. Here are some suggestions to postpone that inevitable visit.
5. Don't dry out
After a haircut, keep your ends hydrated by using a daily leave-in conditioner. Perhaps consider washing your hair every other day instead of daily.
4. Gloss it over
At about the six week mark after your appointment when split ends start to appear, try an at-home glossing treatment to help seal strands and add shine.
3. Trim it
Keep your bangs presentable by trimming them yourself; smooth down dry hair with a comb and hold the shears so that the tips point up at a slight angle and trim a bit at a time. Big hint: don't be snipping horizontally, these dangerous practice can lead to overcutting.
2. Use the right products
To keep your shade vibrant longer, use shampoos and conditioners that have been formulated for coloured hair.
1. Get painting
When roots begin to show, apply temporary colour with an easy liquid touch-up wand; dab directly on the roots and comb the strands to distribute.


River-Rose said...

I must be on the right track as I have done numbers 2 thru 5! It really does help prolong the time between trips to the stylist. Thanks!

scrapwordsmom said...

Great ideas. Thanks!


Jenn said...

Seems like a lot of what I do (except # 5).

Another think I notice I do, once it's been awhile since my last color (and I'm trying to prolong it) I tend to wear my hair loosely up a lot more, and the color sort of blends, and makes it far less obvious that it's growing out!

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