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Five things that make you say 'huh': part four

Here’s yet another installment of things that make you go ‘huh’. Really.

5. Use Elmer’s glue to give yourself a facial – peel off after 15 minutes
4. WD-40 will stop insect bites from itching (and help arthritis pain)
3. Use Colgate or Crest toothpastes to help ease minor burns and get crayon off walls
2. Get off baked on food with an overnight soak with Efferdent
1. Coca-Cola will not only take grease stains out of your clothes, but also grease stains off your driveway!

See parts one, deux and three for other things that make you say 'huh.'

Stop the craziness! What nutso things do you use for household aches, pains and stains?


LisaDay said...

Which makes you wonder by people drink Coke.


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