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Five things that make you say 'huh': part three

Here are some more nutty ideas and tips to help you save money, time and avoid running out to the store for last minute quick fixes:

5. Condition your hair with beer;
4. Dry finger nail polish with cooking spray;
3. Soothe sunburns by pouring a bottle of Nestea in your bath;
2. Get scratches out of CDs with peanut butter, wipe off with a coffee filter; and,
1. Reduce dandruff with vinegar.

See parts one, two and four for more craziness.

Folklore? For real? What do you think?


Sarah @ Mum In Bloom said...

Wow. Who knew? I like the one about reducing dandruff with vinegar. Great tips!

DebW said...

Use apple-cider vinegar for the dandruff one... it does work.

Leanne said...

Your post cracked me up because I remember being in the musical "Mame" in high school and one of the lines in the play had to do with one of the characters washing their hair with beer. The line was something about, "It just bubbles and bubbles!" So funny! And the peanut butter on the CD? I'll be so happy if that works with scratched Wii cd's!!!

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