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Five things that make you say 'huh': part one

There's a ton of handy DIY housekeeping secrets out there - you know the type - little tips and bits 'n' bobs on cleaning, stain removal and beauty secrets that your crazy old Aunt probably knows? Tightwad is starting a series on this very thing. It's going to be labeled 'huh'.

Here's the first batch:

5. To keep fresh flowers longer, add a little Clorox or 2 Bayer aspirin, or use 7-up instead of water.
4. Use Listerine to clean grout.
3. To remove stubborn labels off glassware, rub with peanut butter (this will also remove ink from the face of plastic dolls).
2. To get rid of puffy eyes dab on some Preparation H
1. Put sugar on a burnt tongue.

For more fun 'n' nutty ideas, see parts two, three and four of 'huh'.

What are your old fashioned, inexpensive and slighty nutty solutions to household problems?


alicia said...

Great tips. Aspirin?

Gigi said...

sugar on a burnt tongue? really? I always burn my tongue. Will have to try that!

ZippyChix said...

Excellent tips. I will definitely be using these. I read recently that you can use toilet bowl cleaner to get rid of rust stains. I left my shaving cream can on the side of the tub and it had left a rust stain....tried this trick and it worked:)Thanks for your tips. Stopping by from the Lady Blogger's BBque. Enjoy the weekend!

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