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DIY bundt pan

Don't let not having a bundt pan stop you from whipping up certain recipes - get improvising! Set an empty, clean metal food can in the centre of a deep cake pan, and weigh it down with beans so it's heavy and won't move around. Grease the pan and the can, pour the cake batter in, set the timer and give yourself a pat on the back for such ingenious repurposing.


Jen said...

What a great it idea!! Thanks!!

ZippyChix said...

Excellent tip! Had to smile when I saw this as I can not think of this type of pan without reflecting back to the scene in My Big Fat Greek Wedding....."It's a Booooont" that movie!

Little House said...

I love this image. Just last week I had a tip for reusing tin cans; donate them to schools for projects. Since I don't cook, I didn't think of using them as a cooking instrument!

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