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Tightwad top ten: downsizing your stuff

It's a great feeling when you pare back and let go of old clutter... but why is doing it so hard? Here are some ideas to help you declutter and get rid of stuff. And remember, through donation it may find its way into the home of someone who will actually need and use it, so what's to feel bad about anyway? Take a photo of old things as a memory keeper and make room for your life now, people.

10. Your house is not a museum: It's nice to have space in your place for your friends to find a place to sit rather than as a viewing space for old trinkets and knick knacks.

9. Is it really worth anything?: Don't fall into the trap of thinking that your old computer monitor has value; many things, particularly electronic, become obsolete and aren't worth the same amount that you paid for them.

8. Be honest, part one: Are you ever going to use that eleptical trainer that is currently serving time as a coat rack? That kind of stuff can easily find a new home at a friend's or through Craigs List.

7. Be honest, part two: If you were going to have those shoes/that picture frame/the old blender repaired it would have happened by now.

6. Don't be hoarding the ugly gifts 'cos you feel bad: No one will notice that you dumped that hideous umbrella stand. Let it go.

5. Recognize your current needs: Hey, maybe you don't need that curling iron anymore; claw bangs went out with the last season of Moonlighting. This can be said for those banana clips and scrunchies, too.

4. Admit it, you hate it: Don't live with it, life is too short.

3. Let go: Do you think your grandma wants you to use her old rusty bread knife? Take a photo to remember it, and move on.

2. Realize what you need: Scan interesting articles and downsize the paperwork. Get rid of outdated and unused kitchen appliances. Do you really ever see yourself making your own pasta?

1. Deal with the 'one day' syndrome: It's hard to throw out potentially useful things, like your jeans from high school in the hopes of fitting in them again. That will be the day that claw bangs make a come back.


Miel Abeille said...

I love your line, "Take a photo of old things as a memory keeper and make room for your life now, people." That is brilliant!

Visiting from LBS tea social!

ZippyChix said...

Love these reminders!!! I love it when I finally let things go, but do tend to get emotional about certain items. I usually have my hubby get rid of those items and within a week, I forget that they were part of my life. It is just so freeing to live in a clutter free environment. You have just motivated me to declutter my closet. Just joined your friend connect and look forward to your upcoming posts. Thanks for swinging by the ZippyChix site:)

Serendipity said...

This is a great article! I'm glad to have come across it, especially since I'm going to start the moving process and I'm sincerely debating what exactly is going to make the move and what isin't. :)


Chelsey said...

Those banana clips are so cool. I'd totally save them... Uh -- what was the moral of the post again -- oh yeah... lol...

I'm so sentimental and feel like I should save everything just in case. Can you call me once a day and read these outloud to me?

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