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Thrifty tip thursday: fix it yourself people!

It's Thrifty Tip Thursday here at Tightwad and the inspiration for this came from my gal pal Kim, who was staring down a potentially huge bill for a broken washing machine. She and her hubs looked on line for trouble shooting tips, did some tinkering, and voila! before you knew it she was setting the cycle for a heavy load. Most manufacturers have sites that have tons of tips for small home repairs, or you should be able to download the product instructions from the web, which often have easy repair advice.

What repairs have you, (that you, aka Superwoman), done at home?


Vanessa said...

LOVE advice like this. Always do some safe trouble checking, it can save your thousands! Freaking thousands! Ouch!

Super cute/helpful blog four our cheap souls :)

maura said...

I fixed my dryer about 2 months ago. This is the second one I have fixed. It cost about 85$ and It would have been 150 just to have someone take a look at it. This is actually the 2nd one I have fixed. My husband is thrilled!

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