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The thing I hate most about back to school

This post is part of Tightwad's summer guest post series - she is very pleased to welcome The Millennial Housewife today, who hosting me over at her site today in an exchange. Welcome, Sara!

We got our school registration in the mail the other day. As a frugal sort of gal, there are several times during the 'back to school' process that make me wince. Overpaying for that dress that Princess wants, and I will pay for since it is her first year in school! Going crazy at Wal-Mart in the supply aisle - sometimes I just need to know when to say when on $0.25 crayons! Don't even get me started on what it is going to cost to register the two older kids this year - not including lunch tickets and activity tickets.

Next comes the endless appointments with 3 (sometimes more) kids sitting in waiting areas at various doctors/dentist offices. Of course, no one has an appointment the same day. So, we will inevitably waste two days out of our lives driving all over Marion County and waiting for checkups. Nothing says quality time like listening to you two year old scream in the lobby at the pediatrician's office. Too bad Mommy didn't get organized enough to do all of this in June like a good little organized housewife!

Counting down the days of summer, days at the pool, days on the golf course... so sad. I hate watching the summer end and feeling like the long, dark, dungeon days of winter are looming ahead. Summer feels like freedom to us, winter is a jail!

But, the thing I hate most about going back to school - this one is a shocker - I hate the QUIET! As much as the bickering, taunting, cussing, name-calling and general nonsense gets on my every last nerve - I have to admit that the deafening quiet in the house when they are gone is much worse! I don't know what to do with myself when I am not telling yet another one to quit tattling - no one likes a rat. Or don't tell me about it unless you are bleeding - or my all time mom favorite - 'wait until you Dad gets home!' I won't know what to do when I can write an entire blog post uninterrupted!

So, even though I like to joke about it - I do miss those darn kids when they are not shrieking in my ear!

Tightwad's note to self: arrange back to back doctor/dentist appointments for the kiddos, scheduled for first thing in the morning and well in advance...


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