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That's right people, it's gooseberry season!

You may have noticed them at farmer's markets and roadside stands this summer. It's gooseberry season!

Random facts about gooseberries:
- it is said that dreaming of gooseberries forewarns embarrassing situations (caused by either your own indiscreet behaviour or that of a foolish companion);
- their acidity lends itself beautifully to sauces for fatty fish or meats, such as mackerel or goose;
- its name is, in fact, possibly linked to this; derived from the English habit of pairing the berries with goose;
- gooseberry may be part of the complex aromas of (NZ) sauvignon blancs;
- gooseberries are cousins of red and black currants;
- their skin colour can range from almost translucent yellow green to red;
- gooseberries freeze best whole and should be used when still partially frozen;
- the various nutrients include calcium, phosphorus and vitamin B complex;
- the juice of gooseberries blended with honey is extremely useful in improving eyesight;
- they offer therapeutic value for diabetes sufferers, reducing sugar levels and stimulating insulin secreting hormones;
- as an anti-aging agent, gooseberries prevent the presence of excess lipids in the blood;
- gooseberries increase red blood corpuscle production in the body and strengthen teeth and and nails;
- gooseberries helps to enhance protein synthesis and is highly effective in patients with hypoglycemia.

Tightwad wonders: is there anything this cute little sour berry cannot do? Really?

some recipes...
Tasty Trix gooseberry tartlets with jasmine whipped cream Mowielicious gooseberry and elderflower fools What's for Lunch, Honey gooseberry, red current and blueberry clafoutis (omg does that sound good) Pink Stripes brioche plum tart with gooseberries Daily Spud sour green gooseberry curd


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