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Random word tuesdays: precycling

Another catchy word... this week it's precycling. Basically the idea is that you don't bring anything home that will generate waste. Ways to do this: buying in bulk, buying consumables in recycable packaging, avoiding junk mail and using electronic media for reading material instead of throwaway items such as magazines or newspapers. One way to embrace your inner precycler is to carry a little kit around with you for meal times, packed with a non-disposable container (BPA-free of course), a set of silverware, a cloth napkin and a blinged out non-disposable water bottle. Pack these goodies in a reusable grocery bag and you are practically destined for enviro sainthood.


Little House said...

I like the idea of carrying around a little reusable container. I wonder if restaurants would be willing to put take-out in them?

Contact: said...

Love that idea, and yes, I think that they would for sure!

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