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Jicama, I hardly knows ya

More food sleuthing for Tightwad. This time it's about getting to the root of what is the mysterious vegetable that has the skin colour of a potato but the shape of an onion or perhaps even a turnip. It may look like a different vegetable, but the taste of a jicama is all its own. It's creamy white interior has a crisp texture that can be described as similar to a potato or pear. The flavour is sweet and starchy, like apples or raw green beans. Jicama is best eaten raw and an excellent addition to fresh summer salads.

Random jicama facts:
- jicama is also known as a Mexican turnip or yam bean;
- the heaviest jicama root ever recorded was found in the Philippines and weighed 23 kilograms;
- jicamas are root vegetables from a poisonous vine that can reach heights of over 5 metres;
- jicama is high in carbohydrates in the form of dietary fiber, with trace amounts of protein and lipids. Its sweet flavour comes from the oligofructose inulin, which is a prebiotic;
- jicama is high in vitamin C; and,
- jicama is a street food in its native habitat, sold with a squeeze of lime and a shake of spicy chili powder.

Tightwad has rounded up some recipes that feature jicama. She's now off to buy some limes and mangos. Mucho delicioso!

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Nancy at said...

We like jimica in our family. I just peal it and cut it into sticks the size of carrot sticks. We dip in low fat ranch dressing and eat. Yum!

Darlene said...

I am not adventurous with food at all...give me "the oldies but goodies" and I am happy.But this sounds interesting and I think I will see if I can find some in my area.

Cookin' Canuck said...

Very informative post on jicama, one of my favorite vegetables. Thanks so much for linking to my salad.

Theresa in Mèrida said...

Peel it, slice and sprinkle chile and lime over it. They sell on the street that way here.Along with green mango slices.

I like to mix curry powder (or garam masala), salt and cayenne and sprinkle it on jicama. I also use it in Chinese recipes that call for water chestnuts.The taste is very similar and water chestnuts aren't readily available here.

Then there is jicama and citrus salad with cilantro. Yum.

The little baby jicamas are better than the large woody ones.


Aunt Bee's Garden said...

I have been on a huge jicama kick lately. I like it with lime and salt and sometimes I add some diced avocado.

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