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Five ways to save: school supplies

School is around the corner, and that means an annual shopping trip for school supplies. Tightwad has compiled five ways to save on school supplies... and don't forget to leave home with a list!

5. Do your homework: Research the internet and troll the coupon section for the best prices on what you need.

4. Shop around: Consider discount stores and generic brands that are just as good as the name brands.

3. Buy only what you need: Is it on your list? If not, your kids probably won't need it.

2. Wait for sales: If you can wait until the first weekend after school starts, stores will be dumping school supplies en masse to make room for Halloween stuff. This would be a good time to stock up for next year, too.

1. Shop at home: With the help of a pencil sharpener and a new pencil case, last year's pencils, pens and art supplies that lived in your junk drawer all summer can find a new life in the next grade up.


Pamela said...

Comparing prices can really make a difference. Wait for sales then use coupons. It will double your savings.

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